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 Latest news

Terrapin Flyer welcomes Zane Kesey and “The Bus” September 9th at the Abbey Pub

Terrapin Flyer will be performing with several other bands on Tuesday September 9th at the Abbey Pub in Chicago, IL to welcome the arrival of Zane Kesey and The Bus.  The 60’s unofficially began when Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters set out across the United States in an old bus painted in day-glo colors and filled with a crew of clowns.  It was dawn of the psychedelic movement and the bus was the vehicle that brought it to the people and the people to it.  Tho the original bus died after a trip to Woodstock, the new bus was finished in the late 80’s and took quite a few trips on it’s own.  Kesey looked at both buses as one and the same.  You will get a chance to view the bus at the Abbey on September 9th.  Remember, you are either on the bus or off the bus.  Kesey and Cowboy Neil are gone, but the bus lives on.

Terrapin Flyer performs on Anniversary of last Grateful Dead show

Terrapin Flyer will play at the Abbey Pub in Chicago on the 19th anniversary of the last Grateful Dead show on Wednesday July 9th.  This will be a special tribute to that show.

Terrapin Flyer Headlines House of Blues Chicago!

On Saturday July 5th Terrapin Flyer will headline the “Woodstock Flashback” at the main stage of House of Blues Chicago.  The band will perform the entire set from the Woodstock event.  Other bands at the show will include Who’s Who (The Who) and Creedence Revisited (Creedence Clearwater Revival).

Summer Tour 2014

Terrapin Flyer with Melvin Seals & Mark Karan will perform the following shows as part of their Summer Tour 2104:

6/25 – The Shrine in Tulsa OK
6/26 – 2720 Cherokee in St Louis, MO
6/27 – The Mousetrap in Indianapolis, IN
6/28 – Terrapin Hill Family Reunion in Harrodsburg, KY
6/29 – The Arcada Theatre in St Charles, IL*
*w/Melvin Seals, Mark Karan and Tom Constanten